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“Entr Tech really helped me break into the tech sales space and I am forever thankful for that".
Shajed Rahman
SDR @ Trustkieth

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“I was looking for a change of career but unsure of how to break into tech as I had no prior experience in sales. The Entr Tech team were beyond helpful with their coaching and help securing a job for me. I will always be grateful for their support and continuous communication throughout my onboarding. I'm really excited to see how the next few years develop as I've joined an exciting A.I company which is growing incredibly fast. Thanks Entr Tech!”
James. G
Sales Development Representative
“After hearing through friends how rewarding a career in tech could be, I came across Entr Tech and thought it was a no-brainer to apply. Whilst travelling abroad for 2 weeks, I was able to complete the course online and the flexibility was fantastic. The skills I learnt have been invaluable during my first quarter, giving me a platform to hit my ramping quota whilst onboarding. Bring on my new career I'm excited to see how the journey develops!"
Trinity Russell
Sales Development Representative
Entr Tech really helped me break into the tech sales space and I am forever thankful for that. The team are willing to go above and beyond in order to help you succeed.”
Una. H
Enterprise Sales Development Representative
“After graduating from university and only having work experience in part-time roles, I knew that finding a job in tech would be a big challenge and highly competitive. Traditional graduate schemes never excited me, so when I learnt about Entr Tech's sales apprenticeship program it made sense. The team helped me find the perfect SaaS sales position within three weeks. After learning the fundamentals of sales and the role itself, I was able to transition quickly into a full-time position at my dream company. I honestly couldn't imagine working anywhere else now. Thank you Entr Tech!”
Constance. R
“After leaving a 5 year career in hospitality during the global pandemic, I managed to land a role in tech sales through Entr Tech without any prior experience. The course allowed me to gain a good understanding of the industry and BDR role within weeks, as well as matching me to a well-paid role. Within 6 months, I have already been promoted to a team lead position. I will always be grateful for your help and ongoing support!!”
Ali. H
“Having graduated from University in June, I was looking to break into the Tech industry so was really intrigued to learn there was a commercial side to the industry and to have the support of Entr Tech to help educate me and find me my first role."
Suchi. C
Sales Development Representative