Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to partner with Tech firms who are willing to pay a minimum rate of £30,000, ultimately the acceptance of any offer is down to you but we can support you when reviewing offers.

Typically 4 weeks after landing a job with one of our partner firms. For example: if your start date is the 1st of the month, you will be paid on the 31st. However, if you started mid-month on the 15th, you would only have to wait two weeks for payment. Similar any other job that pays monthly on the last day of the month.

We have created what we call a ‘mini sales-traineeship’ programme, which ensures you are set up for a successful career in Tech Sales from Day 1 on the job. It is a mixture of 6 weeks educational study, alongside mentorship & live work spanning a period over 6 months. In short, you are successful, you will land a paid full-time job in tech alongside our professional training and mentorship. 

The first 6 weeks are focused on study to learn the fundamental skills needed for Tech Sales. Typically from week 6 onwards you will start interviewing at a leading Tech firm, & if successful launching your career! It’s a 9-5 work day, Monday- Friday just like any other full-time position.

Yes, there is typically a 6-month period with most tech firms which begins on enrolment into a full-time job. On successful completion of the  Academy and acceptance of a full-time position, you will will be monitored closely by our hiring partners. We support you by pairing each successful graduate with an industry mentor for 6 months and provide monthly check-in calls.

Unfortunately, as in life there are no guarantees. 90%+ of our candidates that have completed the 6-week online training have landed jobs within 3 months of graduating. Ultimately it is down to your commitment and work ethic. We cannot guarantee that all our hiring partners will pass you through the interview process, it is up to you to shine!