Building World-Class
SDR teams

We develop incredible talent which ramp up to 75% faster and outperform their peers.

Our Services

We can help you hire new talent or train your existing team.

Looking to hire?

Grow your team with the most qualified talent on the market. We find, assess and train Rockstar SDR’s.


We are committed to go the extra mile to find talent that may not have found us. We aim to ensure over 70% of our graduates are from underrepresented communities.

Rapid Revenue Growth

Hire pre-trained talent ready to provide instant revenue growth. On average our SDR’S manage to book a meeting within 1 week of starting outbound outreach.

Bespoke Service

Through our in-house career consultants we pair each candidate with one of our partner companies based on their interests, strengths and sector knowledge.

Train your existing team

Put your current SDR team or new starters through the Entr Tech Academy where we train them within our 6-week Academy Programme.

Reduced onboarding time

Giving new hires access to Entr Tech’s platform will speed up onboarding rates by up to 75% within their first Quarter. Especially if they are new to the SDR role or are working remotely.

Reduced Staff Turnover

Retain your SDR’s for up to 10 months longer. Companies which invest into their SDR’s career development and skillsets are more likely to have reduced turnover rates.

Plug and Play

We can train your staff remote and sync into your current Tech Stack or Sales Playbook. Creating a personalised curriculum for each client based on individual needs.

Academy Curriculum

Stage 1


Introduction to Tech industry, SaaS Model, The SDR Role & Tools to succeed

Stage 2

Outbound Sales Methodolgies

Learn how to Generate & Qualify Leads, own the Cold Call & Handle Objections.

Stage 3

Mastering the Tech Stack

Hands on training to develop a firm understanding of the Software Tools needed for success.

Stage 4

Live Outreach & Certifications

Real Life Sales Experience, Social Selling, Career Advice & Interview Prep.

Academy Delivery

1-1 coaching from industry experts

Online and Remote

Self paced with certifications

Real World Practise

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