What Are The Salaries In Tech?



Embarking on a career in tech sales isn’t just about selling products—it’s a journey toward unlocking your financial potential. In this guide, we’ll explore the earning landscape in tech sales, starting from entry-level salaries and projecting the possibilities after five years. Additionally, we’ll uncover some of the key pros that make a career in tech sales not only financially rewarding but personally fulfilling.

Salaries In Tech

Section 1: Entry-Level Salaries in Tech Sales

For those stepping into the realm of tech sales, entry-level salaries are often competitive. While exact figures vary based on factors like location, company size, and industry, it’s not uncommon for entry-level tech sales professionals to start with a base salary ranging from £30,000 to £50,000. This base is frequently complemented by commission structures, bonuses, and additional perks.

Section 2: Earning Potential After 5 Years

The allure of tech sales lies not just in the present but in the promising trajectory it offers. After five years of honing your skills and building a robust network, the earning potential in tech sales can skyrocket. Professionals with a proven track record and the ability to drive results can see their total compensation—including base salary, commissions, and bonuses—surpass the six-figure mark. It’s not uncommon to find seasoned tech sales experts earning well into the $100,000 to $150,000 range and beyond.

Section 3: Other Pros to the Position

a. Uncapped Commission: One of the standout advantages of tech sales is the potential for uncapped commission. Successful sales professionals can see their earnings grow exponentially as they close deals and exceed targets.

b. Career Growth Opportunities: Tech sales is a dynamic field that offers ample opportunities for career growth. As you gain experience and showcase your abilities, you may find yourself moving into leadership roles, such as sales management or even executive positions.

c. Diverse Industry Opportunities: The skills acquired in tech sales are transferable across various industries. Whether you’re selling software, hardware, or tech solutions, the versatility of tech sales opens doors to diverse career paths and industries.

d. Continuous Learning: Tech sales professionals are at the forefront of innovation. The constant evolution of technology ensures that you’re always learning and staying ahead of industry trends, making every day on the job a new opportunity to expand your knowledge.


Tech sales isn’t just a career; it’s a pathway to financial success and personal growth. Starting with competitive entry-level salaries and evolving into a realm of uncapped commissions and six-figure potential, tech sales offers a lucrative journey for those willing to invest in their skills and seize opportunities.

With additional perks such as career growth, industry versatility, and continuous learning, a career in tech sales becomes not only financially rewarding but a fulfilling adventure in the dynamic world of technology.

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