Why Enter Tech Sales


Why You Should Enter The Tech Industry

In the vast landscape of career choices, tech sales emerges as a beacon of untapped potential. Beyond the products and solutions lies an industry eager for diverse voices, fresh perspectives, and a wave of new talent. In this exploration, we’ll delve into why tech sales is an underserved industry, its quest for better representation, and a compelling call to action for those ready to make their mark in Entr tech.

Diversity In Tech

Tech sales, despite being at the forefront of innovation, has often been an overlooked and underserved sector when it comes to diversity and representation. Traditionally dominated by certain demographics, the industry is awakening to the untapped potential that a diverse workforce brings—not just in terms of inclusion but as a driving force for creativity, adaptability, and a deeper understanding of varied client needs.

The Need For More Women & Diversity In Tech

Recognizing the need for change, the tech sales landscape is actively seeking better representation. Companies are realizing that a diverse team is not just a checkbox but a strategic advantage. In a world where technology intersects with every aspect of our lives, having a sales force that reflects the diversity of its users is paramount. Tech sales is on a mission to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create a space where talent flourishes, irrespective of background or identity.

How To Land A Job In Tech

Entr tech, is a course that it is here to help you land your first job in tech. Through 6 weeks you’ll learn how to interview, learn different tech platforms and gain a better understanding of the industry as a whole and how to network. You can find the course itinerary here.

Here are 3 tips for individuals who want to get a head start in the tech world.

Seize the Opportunity: Tech sales requires people to be confident and outward open. Posting on platforms such as LinkedIn can be a great way to showcase your interest in the field

Get ahead on learning: Find platforms that companies that your future employees may use. Most will allow you to take a demo, so you can at least basically understand the platforms.

Network: Start reaching out to people in tech. These are the people who hire and personally knowing a contact can be pivotal to getting success with interviews.


Tech sales in Entr tech beckons with open arms, inviting individuals from all backgrounds to join the movement of change, diversity, and innovation. 

If you are ready to start exploring tech sales opportunities, then check out our application here and apply to be in our next cohort.